The FYF program will follow the recommendations and guidelines set by the TSSAA.

The Board of Control is expected to select their option for football and girls’ soccer on July 8.

Please see below link to the TSSAA article.

What happened in the TSSAA Board of Control meeting July 1, 2020

Farragut Youth Football Parents,

This email is to update you on the latest TSSAA guidelines for the upcoming Fall 2020 season. Per their recent announcement we can have no contact of any kind until August 29th. This date is subject to change in the future based on current Covid numbers.

Teams cannot use a football yet meaning no passing or running plays. We can only do conditioning / agility drills in groups of 9 players or less. We can’t use tackling dummies. If we started team practice in July then that would be 2 months of straight conditioning with no football and no contact. Normally, we have team conditioning practice for 2 weeks then move into full contact practice. For now, we have decided to delay team conditioning practice till August 3rd. However, we strongly recommend for Players to do some conditioning and agility drills individually on their own during the month of July. We recommend 30 to 45 minutes of conditioning/agility drills 3x to 4x per week.

TSSAA will be making their final decision on July 8th as to what the Fall season will look like and timelines. We are going to wait and see what they decide and make our final decision base off the result of their meeting. Keep your eye out for future communications from us.

Here are the latest TSSAA protocols that we MUST follow for conducting practice of any kind till August 29th.
They are as follows:
1. Every player must have their temperature checked EVERY practice and recorded on a roster. We must keep a record of the players temp for every practice. We have no touch thermometers.
2. Parents are not allowed on or near the field and must social distance themselves from each other.
3. We can NOT pass or share a football at all at this time.
4. There can be ZERO contact of any kind, including no tackle dummies.
5. Until August 29th we can ONLY have conditioning practice.
6. We must have groups of 9 or less with the same coach at every practice. To clarify, you must have the exact same group of 9 players or less with the SAME coach at every practice. No rotating players or coaches.

These are uncharted times we are living in. Please bear with us as we navigate through them. I understand that people have different opinions on how to approach youth football during this pandemic. With that in mind, we respect everyones opionin and we know that not everyone will agree with our decision to delay team practice to the first week of August. The decision was made with the safety for all our players and coaches in mind. Knowing the TSSAA guidelines that we can only doing conditioning and agility drills during the month of July and August; we weighed the risk to benefit and decided players have the ability to condition on their own for a month and to not increase the risk of exposure for players and coaches during July. We ask that you please respect our decision as a program. We made the decision considering the impact and safety of over 250 players and coaches and roughly 500 parents. We are hopeful that we will be able to have our season. If the season is cancelled you will receive a refund minus the players insurance cost (which we have to renew and pay our insurance on July 13th.)

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  1. Jason Stilrs on July 5, 2020 at 9:49 pm

    This is the responsible thing to do! Thank you for all your hard work!

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